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T6 Group has had the pleasure of working with a wide range of clients in a variety of industries. These include organizations ranging from $5M to $100B.  Industry experience includes IT, telecom, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, insurance and services businesses.   Some of their stories and comments are provided below.


Tracy was able to get our teams to have an honest, open dialogue in a safe environment that enabled ideas to flow.  She effectively drew out the “hidden knowledge” that so many of our team members have and was able to connect the dots between our departments.  She was able to identify true requirements for our new ERP vs. the “we’ve always done it this way”.  Additionally, we now have a set of processes and have generated a number of quick wins to improve the business now and in the future. 

Jason, IT Services Director at FN America

Columbia, SC

Tracy did an excellent job of adjusting to our changing needs.  She managed to ensure that we stayed true to our strategic objectives but didn’t hesitate to get “in-the-weeds” when we needed the help.  Tracy has an impressive breadth of knowledge but doesn’t hesitate to reach out to her expansive network when needed.  Additionally, her ability to communicate and work with all levels of our staff was invaluable in working through the process changes and new implementations.

Jason, CEO Boutique Financial and IT Services Consulting Firm

Mason, OH

Tracy really connected the dots between our business strategy and our IT initiatives. She used a structured method and translated the technical stuff into business terms. Her ability to quickly assess our situation, relate to our team and communicate in a way that was credible made all the difference.

Lee, CFO Frisch's Big Boy

Cincinnati, OH

It is always a challenge to get out of the “we’ve always done it this way” mode.  Tracy did an outstanding job of getting our teams, at all levels, to think about what’s best for our future and identify our requirements for our future ERP system.   We also now have a wonderful library of processes that are bringing us value today.

John, CFO of mid-size manufacturing

McClean, VA

Tracy has the ability to quickly analyze a situation and make real world suggestions.  Her broad base of business experience has enabled her to quickly grasp our business and the issues we deal with enabling her to add real value quickly.

Scott, President

Cincinnati, OH

Tracy is an outstanding individual. She is extremely competent in all that she takes on and very skilled at managing workflow.  She was exceptional in helping to accomplish the goals of our program.

Rich, Director of Auxiliary Relations, Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Cincinnati, OH

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Case Studies

Custom Design Benefits
Third Party Administrator


Client was planning for double-digit growth and needed to ensure they were in a position to respond effectively with an upgraded CRM Tool and updated processes.



T6 Group conducted workshops, one on one interviews with client personnel, conducted independent research and worked with a pre-selected CRM vendor. Key team members including Sales, Account Management, Executive Management and Operations were involved in Work Sessions and interviews.



  • Increased Revenue:  This work combined with a reenergized sales team led to 20%+ growth in the following year. 

  • Sales Process Redefined:  T6 group established a defined Sales Process and common terminology across the organization.  This resulted in the ability to capture key data elements used to help manage the business more effectively while keeping the process simple. 

  • Process Improvement/Documentation:  T6 Group reviewed and refined sales and operational processes to accommodate significant growth.  Processes were documented and provided to the CRM vendor to integrate into the Business Process Management (BPM) solution.


Boutique Financial & IT Services Consulting Firm



Client was moving their office, changing telecom/phone providers and implementing a new company wide software solution. 



T6 Group managed the strategic and tactical pieces of each of these projects.  These included drafting a cabling RFP, soliciting the responses and working with the chosen vendor to implement the solution in record time.  T6 Group worked with the telecom providers to get the new system installed, cut over and establish the new troubleshooting procedures and documentation. 


The largest part of the project was the move to new companywide software.  T6 Group worked with the current and future vendors, established the process for data mapping, wrote test scripts for all levels of employees to ensure functionality, drafted training to bridge the current system to the new system and created a “Day 1” set of documents for all current and future employees. 



  • Successful cutovers of telephone system, website move and new software. 

  • Training completed of all employees for smooth Day 1, week 1 of new software.

  • Troubleshooting procedures documented and shared across the organization. 

  • Effectively worked with all levels of staff to address their needs.


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