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Technology & Business Alignment

Your business needs every advantage it can get.  Does your technology provide a competitive advantage or does it just do stuff?  Does your technology enable better decision making, increase throughput, enhance customer service?  Technology can and should be a strategic enabler.  T6 Group leads the Executive Leadership Team and IT through a process to develop an IT roadmap that supports the business. 

Process Review/Improvement

Your business is changing, have your processes been adapted?  T6 Group works with clients to ensure that processes will work in the new environment and support the future direction.  Processes are reviewed, analyzed, adapted and documented.  Training is conducted to get all team members on board where appropriate.


You've got some great ideas.  Your team members have the day-to-day experience.  T6 Group conducts workshops to bring all the pieces together.  You want your projects to connect directly to the overall strategy incorporating Operations, IT and Sales.  Workshops typically include cross-departmental participants and may include 1-1 interviews to gather additional details.

Strategic Project Oversight

You've got a lot on your plate and the business is continuing to change.  Keeping up with running the business and implementing a new strategy can be daunting.  T6 Group works with client teams to guide them through the agreed upon projects holding team members accountable along the way.

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