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What we do:

T6 Group's clients know something needs to change.  When the path forward is no longer clear and straight, they've reached an inflection point.  Every business has them throughout its life cycle -- startup, growth, new products/services, M&A, marketplace changes, etc.  You'll know you've reached an inflection point when any one or more of the following apply:

  • you know what you want/should do but just don't have the bandwidth to move forward,

  • you are unclear how to get started,

  • you 'know' in your gut something needs to change but aren't sure what,

  • you have that feeling of "what got you here won't get you there",

  • things that used to work don't work anymore,

  • rework has increased,

  • profitability is falling,

  • you feel "stuck". 

How we do it:

T6 Group charts a course for improved results.  With expertise in Operations, IT and Sales, T6 Group drives clients to:

  • clarify their goals,

  • map out a strategy,

  • move them through change and process improvement 

  • sustain results across the organization at all levels

The result: 

Team Member Support,

Increased Efficiency,

Reduced Costs and

Improved Profits

Why we do it:

To make YOU successful and to ensure you can maintain this success. 

Our clients have the greatest outcomes when we are fully engaged.  This means we roll up our sleeves and get involved in the details.  This lets us provide the best possible guidance along the path we've jointly developed.  We work with all levels of your organization to make sure they can sustain positive changes.

Tracy is often asked what T6 stands for.  That's easy - her family.  Husband Tim, daughters Taylor, Tanner, Taryn and Turner -- a gentle reminder everyday of one of the reasons we work -- to provide for our families and give generously to charities of choice.

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