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A successful business path doesn't stay straight forever. T6 Group's Clients know they've reached an Inflection Point:  

a significant change or turning point

What are you going to do when you hit yours?


T6 Group LOVES to help B2B organizations get Clarity on where they want to go, Map out the path to get there, Move them through the change and improvements and leave them in a position to Sustain the changes.  IT Strategy, Intelligent Automation, Change Management & Process Mapping help get you there.

Tracy Ruberg, T6 Group President, thrives on helping clients make changes that drive new life into their organization.  She has over 20 years of Operations, Technology,  and Sales experience. Tracy's energy and broad business knowledge helps organizations advance their strategic objectives.


To make you successful AND to ensure you can maintain this success. 

Our clients have the greatest outcomes when we are fully engaged.  This means we roll up our sleeves and get involved in the details.  This lets us provide the best possible guidance along the path we've jointly developed.

We work with all levels of your organization to make sure they can sustain positive changes.

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